The Garnett Education Centre

With education as a primary objective of The Diggers Foundation, the Garnett Education Centre was built in 2013 at The Garden of St Erth in Blackwood. Named in honour of Tommy and Penny Garnett, who owned and developed the garden from 1967 to 1996, the Education Centre is now home to The Diggers Club workshops, masterclasses and other gardening events that help to grow gardeners' knowledge and share our best garden traditions.

The Foundation's commitment to education through the Garnett Education Centre provides ready access for regional gardeners to practical advice, training and expertise by renowned presenters on a variety of garden-related topics that would otherwise not be available in rural areas.

The Garnett Education Centre nestles sensitively in the surrounds of St Erth's productive and ornamental gardens, offering a holistic learning environment where theory and practice can be integrated on site. Inspiring and extending gardeners’ knowledge through education is fundamental to the Diggers philosophy and ensures that sustainable and organic gardening practices are passed on for the benefit of all.

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