Our Projects

Clive and Penny Blazey, together with their three children, established The Diggers Garden and Environment Trust in 2011 with the purpose of continuing the work of The Diggers Club beyond a family-owned business.  With the future in mind, the Trust became The Diggers Foundation in 2018 with an independent Board to drive its vision to encourage and inspire gardeners to create beautiful gardens for a sustainable future.

The focus of the Foundation's work centres on conservation, preservation and education, and to promote the diversity of heirloom seeds, garden-worthy plants and the Foundation-owned historic gardens and buildings. It is proudly driven by passion not trend.

We demonstrate our commitment through the many projects set out below.  From our early beginnings, philanthropy has been embedded in our day to day operations and throughout our history The Diggers Club, and Clive and Penny Blazey, have contributed to a range of social and garden related causes that shine the light on significant issues affecting our health and well being, food security and the environment.

In addition, The Diggers Club continues to support hundreds of local garden and community based organisations and events from schools, kindergartens, football clubs to all manner of worthy volunteer and fundraising entities.

The Diggers Foundation remains firmly committed to continuing its tradition to grow out and trial heirloom seeds, build our competence with seeds and ultimately preserve their diversity and our food security by moving all of our seed production to 100% onshore, but of course this will take time.

The Diggers Foundation is supported financially by The Diggers Club and also seeks help from independent donors to continue to undertake its projects. Please help us achieve our goals by considering financial support of The Diggers Foundation.

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